Community Outreach Case Mgmt. Job Interview/Questions

  1. I have an interview with a community health center for a case management position. It is a nonprofit clinic serving special needs children and adults in the community. But the job description was vague. Kind of like to know what to expect at the interview. I have been a nurse for 10 years. I have worked in LTC as a MDS Coordinator a few years ago. Most recently, I'm a RN case manager for a home health and hospice agency. I'm wondering how this job will be like what I've done and what will be new? What exactly does a case manager in this setting do? I don't wanna be a complete idiot at the interview, but I really want this job. Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   cisco
    I'm going to make an educated guess here that the clinic works with developmentally disabled clients. Most of these clients are on state/federal medicaid. As a case manager you would probably be keeping files up to date, that the clients come in for there checkups in a timely manner, you may help to coordinate the care given at the clinic with any PT, OT, Speech therapy that they will be receiving at home. Most of these clients will have a support coordinator/case manager with the state. So there would be ongoing communication with them. I worked with DDD clients and families and really loved the position. I hope you get the position and love it as much as I loved my last job.

    Good luck