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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   JerseyLilly
    Quote from d'cm
    I hope you all pass but, IMHO the test and certification is B__S _and a racket. I have told employers just that. My experience speaks for itself and if they think letters after my name are more important than my cv then they can keep their job. If you are case manager wannabe, well that's another story.


    Yes, it's great you have experience, but it is not tested and proved by a standard. How does an employer know you have the knowledge and skills necessary if you have not been proved by examination? Certification is not only for the certificant but for the safety of the consumer who will be the receipient of a case manager's services.

    Go for certification and prove you have the skills! You will be so happy you did.
  2. by   sandi917
    I knew if I checked here, I would feel better!! I took the exam July 19th and you have all expressed my feelings, exactly!! It is good to know I am not alone! Hang in there and good luck to all!!!
  3. by   live23
    great response JerseyLilly to d'cm.d'cm what are you so angry about?
  4. by   Lisa E
    We've go to be closing in on the end. So tired of waiting! If someone sees their results first, please post so we can start looking. Best of luck everyone!
  5. by   Lisa E
    I noticed on the CCMC homepage that the final date to apply for the December exam is now September 10. It used to be August 15. Please don't tell me we could be in the dark until September! Maybe they didn't have many applicants so they extended the deadline, but that is just a guess.
  6. by   live23
    I wondered where you were had not heard from you Lisa E.Same hear if anyone hears post it.
  7. by   live23
    I noticed that too that the deadline was extended .I am thinking that they were not enough applicants too.Any time now.I noticed too that in Ga there are only a little over a 1000 CCM,I thought there would be more.
  8. by   TexNse
    Good to hear everyone is having the same stomach knots I'm having with this waiting game. I checked the Database this afternoon and the numbers are the same. I'm anxious to see if results are really posted by this w/e as someone wrote the CCM folks told them. OMG!!!!! I am so ready for this to be over. Just tell us what the outcome is
    Thanks to you all for such a great support system.
  9. by   krissy31
    I am really tired of waiting. It is exhausting. Everyone is asking me have I heard something and why it takes so long and I have no answers. It would be wonderful to know something by this weekend.................
  10. by   RN1Iam
    okay guys, listen to per my previous reply, i contacted ccmc to complain regarding the no results yet issue. they referred me to prometrics who said that the results were released to the ccmc already but the ccmc just wasn't posting. i shared this w/ the ccmc and this is what i was told: i was mislead, but the ccmc doesn't think prometrics did it on purpose. they gave a standard answer. ccmc said that they post the results the same day that they're received, and that the test results take 4-6 weeks because "...the system for grading is to wait until all exams have been given (july 9th-24th) before the process can start. the test is scored on a weighting system- being that there are 5 different exams with 5 different degrees of difficulty. first they 'even out' the degrees of difficulty, and then the test is graded on a curve. so if 400 people got question number 1 wrong, for example, then that question would be counted as less." in that case, i think i'm happy to wait? i too check the dashboard every day, sometimes twice cause i don't know what time of day they post results. it's good, i guess but...ugh! makes me wanna put a pen in my eye!
  11. by   Lisa E
    THANK YOU! Great post. I had to laugh. Somehow I think "Why does it take so ##$@ long to get the results?" is much more of a frequently asked question than "What is a certified case manager?" If CCMC would have posted an explanation as to the process of grading, they could have saved themselves numerous phone calls (from us!!). OK, back to trying to stay positive. I love this forum!! Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow...
  12. by   RN1Iam
    You're so right, Lisa E. Couldn't they have just put this info in their manual? You know, the one they keep referring us to so we can read over and over that it takes 4-6 weeks for results? I told the person who gave me this info how much I appreciated a straight forward answer. Gees! That was like giving birth! (well, almost)
    I'll be prayin' for sure! I'm hopin that soon, we'll all be celebrating and practicing putting our new initials behind our name. In the meantime, I'll try to keep that pen outta my eye.
  13. by   Lisa E
    HA! I'm right there with you!