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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   Lisa E
    Frankly, it's depressing. I had the results of my boards in 2 weeks 14 years ago, same with my psych certification results. I would feel better and more accepting of the whole thing if they gave us an explanation as to why the results take forever. If someone would explain what the rationale was it would rest easier with me, especially if I thought it could be to the benefit of the test-takers (e.g. grade on a curve, throw out certain questions based upon the number of incorrect answers- Something!!!) Of course for those testing in December it won't matter, but right now it's really hard to wait. Let's keep praying for one another.
  2. by   live23
    I don't understand either why it takes so long esp.with the technology today.I think if they are bombarded with calls it could make a difference in getting our results earlier.I did not know they graded on a curve.Thank God we have somehwere we can vent.It will be great to get this over with.Hopefully we are all worried for no reason and we all passed.Keep hope alive.
  3. by   Lisa E
    I don't know if they grade on a curve, I was just thinking maybe they do something with the scores to give some sort of reasonable explanation of why it takes so long. It would be nice if they do. I read somewhere where they base it on T scores, but I do not know if its true or how that would impact us. Maybe I read that on this forum, but I can't say for sure. By the time the scores are posted I'll be completely burnt out after having wasted so much energy thinking about it! Ok, done venting for now!!!
  4. by   krissy31
    I think they do grade on a curve. I remember hearing or reading that somewhere. I don't know I am tired of looking and waiting. I feel like you Lisa E. I just can't give this too much more of my energy or time. Sometimes I feel like I passed other times I think I don't know because I have no results.
  5. by   live23
    what type of cm are you all doing.I live in ATL and I do ur/dcp dual role as a RN.
  6. by   Lisa E
    I do telephonic CM. I believe it is preferred but not required for my job, but I want to have it. I am a sucker for a new challenge. I told myself I was not going to check the website today, but I couldn't help myself! I made the mistake of clicking on a new application, and now my dashboard changed to reflect the application process. I don't know why I did that. I will keep praying my name shows up in the database, but I am tired of looking for it. I get a nervous twinge in my stomach just thinking I may have failed! One person I know said she hasn't given it a second thought since she took it! I envy her for that.
  7. by   krissy31
    I do telephonic cm as well. Not required for my job but I want it in case I leave. So many other employers have it listed as a requirement. I checked my dashboard today too. I couldn't help it. Don't know why I did that to myself. I'm just ready to get my results lol.
  8. by   live23
    I just checked database same # in database,nothing on dashboard.Lets have a great weekend,no worries.We will hear next week.
  9. by   krissy31
    LOL yes have a wonderful weekend. I will start obsessing again on monday!!!
  10. by   live23
    Good morning.Its another week.I just spoke with someone at CCM they are trying to get all results for everyone that took the exam in July out by the end of this week,my heart is beating fast.I asked her since th e deadline for the next exam is August 15 if(which I know all of us passed) their people that failed if they can take the test in December she yes even though the deadline is 8/15.She said to check our dashboards.I pray for passing results for all of us.
  11. by   krissy31
    Thanks for the update. I'm driving myself nuts!!!! I just need to know lol.
  12. by   d'cm
    I hope you all pass but, IMHO the test and certification is B__S _and a racket. I have told employers just that. My experience speaks for itself and if they think letters after my name are more important than my cv then they can keep their job. If you are case manager wannabe, well that's another story.
  13. by   krissy31
    D'cm if you didn't take the test or don't have plans to test good for you. However for those of us who did we did for a reason, regardless of career experience, employer requirements etc. I don't think the cert is is bs or racket. IMHO you should keep your snide comments to yourself.