Case Manager at HealthSouth???

  1. Anyone a case manager at a HealthSouth Rehab? I have an interview monday, and there are two positions open CM II and CM Pool. The job descriptions are identical, does anyone have any insight? Is it a good company to work for? I am trying to break into case management and want to know more about this company. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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  3. by   harmonygirl
    How did the interview go? And what can you tell me about the position? I am interested also, and the HealthSouth in my area is advertising the position right now. No experience in case management ok?
  4. by   Pinkster
    The interview was good, The most like a 'typical' interview I have had, with more formal with questions they have to answer and such. First I met with the Human Resources Lady (Director I suppose) and had an interview with her, then on a separate visit I met with the Director of Case Management Dept. and now on a yet separate visit I am going to meet with the Case Management Team. perhaps a peer interview/meeting. The facility is nice and clean and looks great. The benefits are better than where I am now, and I am hoping the pay will be worth the drive, as it is 45 min away from my house vs 25 min at my current job.

    I would still like to hear from someone who has worked in CM at a health south? Anyone?
  5. by   kaboo
    I have applied for case manager pool,they responded by asking to submit much time it would take for the hiring...pls let me know what is case manager pool.. Like how many hours do they need us to work per it our scheduling...or on call...if its part time could we choose our own work hour...pls let me know..thank you