Case Management Service Plan: Crituque?

  1. Hello folks, I am doing a service plan for my case management class and I was hoping if someone(s) could critique it? Thanx in advance:

    Client Service Plans, Goals, Objectives

    Problem 1: Bad sleeping patterns
    Goal: Client is to make sleeping pattern consistent/as well as a priority in daily living arrangements.
    Objectives: 1a. Client to keep a diary of thoughts before going to sleep, and correlate any thought processes that might hinder sleep.
    1b. Client to focus on relaxation techniques right before bed to help with sleep such as meditation, light exercise, warm bath etc.
    1c. Client to inform family and friends of set time limit for phone calls, to ensure a quiet environment for rest.

    Problem 2: Family dysfunction/Recent death's in family
    Goal: Client is to continue grieving process
    Objectives: 2a. Client to continue communication with family, friends, and spiritual advisors.
    2b. Client is to increase social activities as a way to cope and positively release pent up emotions.
    2c. Client will seek professional help in the event that emotional upset is too great to handle on their own.

    Problem 3: Severe back pain occasionally affects IADL's
    Goal: Client is to utilize available services when back pain affects daily living.
    Objectives: 3a. Client is to contact cleaning service twice a month for home maintenance.
    3b. Client is solicit daughters to cook meals during flare ups.
    3c. Client is to contact their primary care provider on proper positions of sitting in order to minimize flare ups.
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  3. by   AznMurse
    Problem one and three seem to be related to each other. Pain can affect sleep. Also, did you have any assessment data to add to problem one i.e. mattress type, hardness, how old?, positioning, etc.
    I was a case manager for PLWA for six years before I went to nursing school and became a nurse. I learned how to write service plans by attending trainings given by NYS department of health.