Case Management in Critical Care Setting

  1. Hi Everyone! I'm presenting a paper in my critical care class on case managment in the critical care setting.

    I was looking for some feedback:

    joys and despairs of your day?
    worst and best things you have to do?
    what is the hardest task/job you've ever had to perform?
    what is the most satisfying?
    what aspect of your job pulls at you the most... makes your stomach twist or your heart ache?
    I am going to thank you in advance for baring your soul.

    I already have the "job description" from the facility I do my clinical in - I know, it's just a template. No job is set in stone and no one ever does just what the description says
    I am trying to round it out with some other opinions etc different than the case managers in my own facility.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback. If you feel uncomfortable posting your answers here, can you pm me? Thanks!
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  3. by   lauramae18
    Just wanted to thank everyone who contacted me to help me with my paper.
    It's a fantabulous paper and presentation if I say so myself