Case management from home

  1. I have recently accepted a position doing case management from home. I am excited for a new opportunity away from the bedside but a little apprehensive at the same time! Any tips, thoughts, or comments would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Marieinwis
    Good luck~ in a similar position

  4. by   Copper4
    You didn't mention what type of case management you will be doing? I was home based for 6yrs working for an insurance company- I would go to the hospitals in the morning to review for utilization purposes, but then from home to contact Md's and smaller outlier hospitals--my advice to you is to get to know you peers. Get their home numbers and reach out during the day, be it to just say hello, or to discuss difficult cases--I loved working from home, and it worked for me and my family at that point in my life- but sometimes it can get lonely and you can feel a bit isolated, so if you can make contacts, and friends with your coworkers it can help when you have some down time and are wondering what is going on out in the world! Good Luck in you new position.
  5. by   vickylin
    I am currently a hospital based case manager, but would like to work from home.
    How did you find a home-based position?
  6. by   ddv106

    Could someone tell me where you find these home based positions? I have a license for 2 states that are next to each other, NJ , PA
  7. by   Copper4
    I was fortunate to work from home- I started with the company, out at the hospital in the mornings, then in a cubbie in the afternoon and hated it-- then, the company decided they would save significant money setting our department up from home-- so I lucked out! I know some other companies including Aetna, and Anthem base their hospital case managers, meaning Utilitation Management RN's, from home after a period of time.

    UM was difficult from me at first so be aware- you reallly are not expected to be a patient advocate. You are an insurance company advocate--the idea is the save the company money! bottom line! Much more a business model, although even acute care case managers have to review for level of care these days. You must determine if the patients meet acute level of care criteria, if not , they need to be discharged or the hospital may get a denial. in the subacute area the patient gets the denial. i was sometimes very conflicted.

    I also worked in dissease management briefly-- the job itself was ok, alot of teaching to members over the phone. the problem is you are judged on how many people you call. If the program you work for has a lot of working age folks, you may have to work off hours to reach people.
    In terms of finding the jobs, Try career builders, or other search engines. I also have recruiters calling me fairly often-- good luck!
  8. by   GoNightingale
    Cooper4, I would certainly wan to remain a patient advocate in the field of case mgt., even if it involves odd hours. Which area would be most appropriate? i would like to transition from bedside nursing into case mgt. or possibly do a little bit of both.

    Thanks so much!