Carpooling from Solano to SMC Oakland


To all new Samuel merritt ABSN Oakland campus and others in San Mateo and SF, congratulations to all of you! I live in vacaville and will be going to Oakland for the ABSN program this May. I just want to know if there are other students out there in Solano area that would like us to carpool together, you might want to respond and suggest a better way to make this work. I know the program itself will be hectic, so driving together will make it fun and minimize the whole lots of stress.

Thanks and once again :ancong!:to all SMC 2008/2009 ABSN students


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Hi - I've applied for the ELMSN program for the Fall...and moving to that area has been talked about by my husband and I (he works in Sacramento) - I'll post on this thread if we end up going there...


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THanks! :)

I"m moving to SF from Socal.. so I can't help you with the carpooling he he.

I still need to find a place... so hard!

Anyone get their financial aid info yet?


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Ineed, I didn't get fin aid info yet. Did you? I was told they would send out packets in a couple weeks. Have you checked craigslist for places to stay? We live in the East Bay and I know there probably are a lot of rooms/apartments to rent out here. Not sure if you want to stay in SF exclusively.

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