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Carolinas College of the Health Sciences admissions questions!

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Hey all,

I have a few questions about CCHS. I am hoping to start nursing there in Fall 2018 and I have a lot of questions. For reference, I graduated with a major in Bio in May 2016 from UNC.

1) I'm assuming that a valid CNA license is required. Is this required to submit an application or is it only required to be obtained prior to starting the program?

2) The only non-nursing class in their curriculum that I do not have is Soc 101. Should I try to take that next summer prior to beginning the program if I am accepted? Can I transfer credits I take in between acceptance and beginning class?

3) Should I also apply to Pre-nursing for next summer if Soc 101 is the only course I don't have? Is there another pre-nursing term I should apply for?

4) If I have an unweighted high school GPA of 4.0, weighted of 4.8, SAT score of 1260 (Math+Critical Reading), and a college GPA of 3.1 that's been improved to 3.25 after a few post-bacc courses, do you think I can get in?

5) I notice that references are optional on the application, should I include any references? Accepted students, did you submit any references?

Thanks for reading all of this!

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I definitely think you can get in! I graduated from CCHS in December of 2016. A couple of things to consider:

-If you already have an undergraduate degree, you may not need to apply to the pre-nursing program, depending on what courses you took during undergrad. The pre-nursing coursework includes A&P 1 and 2, Medical Terminology, College Math, and Microbiology. If you have already taken these courses, then you don't need to go the Pre-Nursing route.

-If you are missing a few of the pre-reqs, I'd apply to both direct admission and pre-nursing as you may be surprised. There were a few students in my graduating class that didn't have A&P prior to admission but had a bachelors degree. They were admitted directly into the nursing program, they just had to take A&P during their first two nursing semesters. It was tough for them but possible.

-As for letter of recommendations, I suggest at least two. One professional and one academic. No, it's not required, but strongly recommended.

Best of luck to you, hope that helped!

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