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Ok. Ususally I am very good with my careplans but I am stumped this time. Pt 17yo/F presented to ER with SOB, crushing chest pain and cold s/sx. Xray confirms dx of pneumonia. I have the pt 3 days after admit. She is now completely non-symptomatic. She had good fluid intake. Ambulates without SOB and maintains sats at 98%RA. She states feeling much better and wants to go home. Her only complaint is of pain in the LL region of her back and her hips. I suspect its from sitting in bed for 3 days and not getting up and around much. I need three nursing dx & I have acute pain r/t friction in the pleural space (i also need help wording her pain r/t not getting oob), impaired social interaction r/t hospitalization, and I need a third. Im at a loss.

Can anyone help? :confused:

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