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Careplan help for impaired mobility and falling

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First off, I just wanted to say thanks again to dudette10 and VickyRN for the helping before.

I feel stupid for asking this, but I'm stumped on doing a careplan with an actual problem as impaired mobility and potential problem as risk for falling.

I'm having trouble making a short-term goal and long-term goal for the impaired mobility. Pt has had a surgery for a right intertrochanteric femur fracture, and was previously diagnosed with Dementia. Pt says that she feels pain whenever she ambulates, which is assisted by a walker or during exercises that places pressure on her right leg. Pt does have a physiotherapist that she sees 5 days a week.

I was thinking of maybe assessing how she uses the walker and then finding out if there is a way to avoid placing pressure on her leg more. The problem I have with that is she does not have very good short or long term memory, so I have difficulty seeing that as a short-term.

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Here are a few goals I can think of for Impaired Mobility:

1. Client will increases physical activity in (insert time frame here)

2. Client will meet mutually defined goals of ambulation (insert time frame here)

3. Client will verbalize feeling of increased strength and ability to move (insert time frame here)

4. Client will demonstrate use of adaptive equipment to increase mobility (insert time frame here).

I hope this helps you.

Thanks ParkerBeanCurd. I appreciate the suggestions, they helped me out. I really gotta get used to these.