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Career Switch from Tech to Nursing - 29/m. Advice/Help! How to see what nursing is like?

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I am a 29 y/o male based in the San Francisco area that is considering a career switch to Nursing. I've worked at various office jobs for the past 5 years in Technology Project Management -- and I just dont find the work fulfilling or particularly important. The tech jobs aren't 'that bad' - but I just think I need/want something more from my career.

I am currently not working, and ideally, want to make some sort of decision or choose a direction soon.

Nursing was suggested to me as a potential career and I have been actively looking into an Accelerated BSN program. I have never volunteered and have very little experience with nursing/hospitals. I have a ton of questions and was hoping some people from the community could help guide me a bit


1. Before committing to nursing, how can I see better see what it's like? Are there other ways to work in a hospital or around patients without being a nurse?

* Many of the hospital volunteer programs seem like it would take 1-2 months of application/orientation, then 6 months of giftshop volunteering or similar to be able to then be able to actually

2. What kind of people make the career transition to nursing, and why? What have they found after making this switch?

3. Anything else I should know!?



The screening and orientation process for volunteers is 1-2 months with most charitable and health care organizations, it is still worthwhile to commit to volunteering. Suggest you look at more than just hospitals for volunteer opportunities for example; veterans affairs, rehabilitation or mental health, maybe you can volunteer to teach some patients in one of these facilities the basics of using a computer? Use your current knowledge to build your communication skills with people who are living with chronic conditions/disabilities.

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