it's a career for service oriented persons.

Nurses Career Support


knowing the liabilities and responsibilities of a nurse it must be considered as a career,not only that you've gained a bachelors degree.It's not all the money that matters what values most are the quality nursing care that you've rendered to many people that were hopeless and sick.Maybe it's a repeatative thing already but it's the most important thing that a good Nurse should bear in mind bec. it's our serve wholeheartedly.


I became an LPN in 1996. Last Wed. I sat for

my RN boards. I am 48 years old and believe

that nursing will be my final career change.

I recommend nursing to anyone who finds re-

ward in helping others to help themselves, to

anyone who is serious about helping the ill

and or elderly to maintain psycosocial and

physiological integrity. The best part of

nursing is not my paycheck, but the rewards

of a positive nurse/patient relationship. Working in the health care field certainly

contains a stressful and frustating environ-

ment, but the patient/client makes it all

worthwhile. "a satisfied nurse" Lindad

I definitely agree you shouldn't go into nursing for a quick fix for money or just for the title or just to even wear the uniform. You have to put your heart in what ever you do. Nurses that give their all and make sure things right are extremely amazing. In my lifetime I have only seen three nurses that I actually admired.

I am not a nurse yet, but i know when I do become one I am going to make it the best experience that I have ever had. I hear everyone talking about not being recognized by hospital administration and constant complaints about some of their duties. But I personally i would feel good going home after work knowing that i provided the best patient care that i possibly could. I don't need recognition to tell me I am doing a good job. Most of the time supervisors and managers wont be their to experience half the things that you go through anyway.

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