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Hello everyone!

I'm from NJ and have been trying to get into the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for time now. I have a BS is Biology and a BSN. I've been a nurse for almost 2 yrs and mostly doing peds homecare and just 9 months of ED. I really want to move away from the's killing me softly:crying2:

Can anyone give me some info on how to get my foot in the door to clinical trials or regulatory affairs. I was also thinking of working in drug safety but i don't know if I need a degree or certification for that. I need a push, an idea, some suggestions....please.

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I'll give you the same information I posted on another thread:

...start to investigate job titles of Clinical Research Coordinator (most but not all are RNs and NPs) and Clinical Research Associate (most are RNs who left hospital nursing) will find information about your interest.

It sounds like you are well positioned to apply to a pharmaceutical company now. Just be sure you are ready to accept the change to private industry that you may find (lower salary at first and less benefits). Once you enter the field there should be room for growth.

One of the largest professional organizations for the specialty is Association of Clinical Research Professionals. They also provide certification for both CRCs and CRAs.