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Hi all,

I'm a 30 year old about to embark on nursing as a second career. I have a previous bachelors in Wildlife Biology, and 11 years of EMS experience (including 6 years as a medic in the army).

When I first started my journey back into healthcare, I had targeted PA schools. The mid-level provider is really where I want to be. I opted for the nursing track instead, for a couple reasons. One is that I like the patient centered nursing care model more. The other reasons are more practical. I can finish an RN program faster and hopefully secure a job where the employer offers education benefits...thus, not sacrificing years of income.

I chose the associates level programs since the accelerated BSN programs near me were over 4x the price....but I am fully committed to furthering my education, and hopefully making it to the DNP level.

I'm not so sure what the best path to that is though. The way I see it, I have several options:

1: Do each degree. ASN-BSN-MSN-DNP

2: Skip the BSN. ASN-direct to MSN. I believe there are some programs for this; especially given that I already have a bachelors

3: Do a combined BSN-MSN program (I know SNHU advertises one). Go back for DNP later.

Are there programs out there that offer a direct jump to DNP? Most I've seen require the masters. Is getting a BSN prior to the masters worth it?

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