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Career in nursing

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Hi guys. I'm happy to come across this group as it is for people who shares similar interests and career goals. I'm pretty new in US and I would like to start a career in nursing. Go to school to become a registered nurse and specialize thereafter. I will have to work though as I gotta get my bills paid.I don't have any experience yet with American jobs although I did work as a customer care representative for many years back in Kenya. I'm not sure it willcount a lot here but I'm willing to do any unskilled job or short course tjat will help me acquire a job. How do I go about this? What do I need to consider while applying for a nursing school and which job is most suited to work wile I study? Any opinion and feedback will be highly appreciated :)


Welcome to the US (:

Although I am not far along my journey of becoming a nurse, I can tell you that it will be tough! You must have good grades in all of the pre-req courses to get into a good nursing program, but with some dedication it is completely doable! You can check with local colleges in your location about their program requirements, cost, financial aid, etc.

I would recommend, if possible, to get your nursing assistant license. This will get your foot in the door of the medical field and give you a decent job while you work your way through school! You learn a lot of the basic skills of nursing, which will help you out in the long run. I know it really helped me in my first few classes of nursing school!

Best of luck!