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Has anyone ever worked with a nursing career coach? I'm curious how the experience was.

 I'm graduated and went straight to the OR and started traveling after about 18 months. I like many aspects of the role, but I'm really tired of what comes with it:

  • If I got back to FTE, there's always difficulty taking vacations even tho it's part of the compensation package, many hospitals require call for an entire weekend or overnight between regular shifts (unsafe to work for that long)
  • Being in a position where other people (surgeons, scrubs, charge nurses, etc) want to cut corners on standards of care to save time or just out of sheer laziness, but it's my job to make sure it's done correctly, and it's my license on the line if something goes wrong (think scrubs and surgeons who don't want to complete counts)

Basically, I want to be responsible for my own work and not be in a situation where other people's apathy is my problem to sort.

When I started nursing school, there was so much talk about how there's so many things you can do as a nurse, but the options seem to be limited to the floor, home health, clinic, and LTC.

I'd like to figure out what opportunities exist beyond that low hanging fruit, and I thought a career counselor could help.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

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I've never heard of a nursing career coach but take a look around this site and see if anything interests you.

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