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Career change

I am a RN with over 20 years of various experience in adults/peds/nicu/stepdown/urgent care most recently telephone triage for docs. I am interested in a day job M-F full time no weekends ect... I do have a good hourly salary and diff. since I do get paid by our hospital. I did look into an UM job and had it but the RN who quit decided to keep the job. So I am looking at UM(am familiiar with InterQual but no experience), have done phone teaching over the last year with adults. Not sure if this would qualify at all for any CM experience. Also have some experience reviewing medical charts for attorney's.

So far my resume has been sent recently to hospitals, insurance companies, law firms that have been advertising. I also noticed UHC has jobs (however no current needs) but the pay is low by several thousand dollars from my last offer and that was still a few dollars lower than my hourly wage not including my diff.

I do have a BA but not in nursing. Any suggestions. Was really looking forward to full time days no weekends as it would really work with my family and we need the money. I do not want to take a pay cut however. I have seen many ads.

Anyone experienced in these companies. Am looking for pay, flexibility, PTO, a good solid company where you are treated well along with good hours. I also want to learn some new skills so I can advance in a career.

I live in the MW. Comments on UHC? Optum? Intelliview(have experience in this area and prefer not to do the same thing and my call times are fast) I would only be interested if I could move up the ladder in management and training. Met Life?

American Healthways?

Any suggestions would be helpful. I almost walked into a time bomb with my last offer so it was a blessing the RN ended up keeping her job after what I have learned about the company and how they treat their people. Do not want to make this mistake again

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