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Career Change

ahcolwell ahcolwell (New) New

So I am deciding to change my career. I want to know what I could do with my BSN or if I should just go back to school for a new bachelors while I work as a RN until I can start the new career or just start at the bottom.

The problem with a BSN is there isn't much I see I can do without a license (I have one), but my other problem is that I'm on the Peer Assistance Services contract because I have a mental illness (not because I diverted any medications or anything). I want to end this contract like now because it's eating away at my sanity just being on it and constantly having to send in reports or take a drug test almost twice a month (at 40$ a pop) or constantly having to go to my therapist and psychiatrist and then do reports for every time I see a doctor, etc. I just want to be normal.

So I want to change my career for that reason and also the reasons regarding how I feel about nursing as a whole. I just want to find something that I could use my BSN for and just get out of the contract and maybe have a 9-5 job instead of long hours.

I had worked a telephone triage job, but it didn't pay what I need since I'm in a lot of debt.

I don't exactly know how the contract part works... to get out of it, do you just have to work in an area that does not administered medication? If that is the case, you can go into Bed Control /Intake area, pre-cert/case management, education, infection disease, quality control, recruitment, etc.. They are for the most part 9-5er's.


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