Career Change, Novice Nurse- Help!


After several years meandering around various work places, I've finally decided to buckle down and focus on a "real career". I have spent my life pursuing artistic endeavors, receiving a BFA in theater and then "working" in theater for the past six years. Since I already have an undergraduate degree, I'm not sure what I need to begin nursing. I have applied to my local community college's two year nursing program, but I don't even know the difference between LPN and RN! Well, that's a little exaggerated, I do know what the terms stand for.... What I'm trying to say is, help please! Where does one begin? Can I work in a medical setting as I'm earning my degree? What is the best path to take? Do I need a second Bachelors or just additional credentials? Any advice would be very welcomed, thank you!

PS- I realize I sound as if I randomly decided to take on nursing, like, "oh that's easy, I'll just do that". I want to stress that is not the case; many of my friends are nurses and they are very happy and fufilled with their careers. I always enjoyed science, anatomy and health classes in school and am eager to begin a career which I hope will challenge and stimulate me.

That sounds great! I am glad to hear you are finally ready to challenge yourself and are willing to put yourself through nursings' paces! I wish you all the best. I would check with schools around your area on what the requirements are. Since you have a degree, some of your pre-reqs may be satisfied. In my area, most hospitals require at least a 4-year BSN, but many will hire ADNs with hopes you will continue to advance your education. - From one student to another, good luck!!


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Since you already have a bachellors I don't know if you need to get another one, but if you are studying for a bachellors in nursing you have to take certain pre-requisites (the first 2 years of a bachellors) and then apply to a Nursing Program (the last two years). Then you take the NCLEX Exam, get licensed and then you start working. That's how I was doing it in Arizona, but it varies by state and there may be more exams that I didn't include here. Good luck with everything! I hope I helped in something! :)