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Career change from ER nurse to infusion nurse-advice please


Hello all, I am considering a career change to infusion nursing from ER. I figured since in ER we do a lot of infusions and deal with PICC lines and such, that the transition shouldn't be that difficult, but I could be wrong.

Can someone please give me some insight into what a typical day as an infusion nurse is like? Also what are the hours/pay scale/stress level? What is typically the acuity level of the patients?

I have been a ER nurse for 4 years, and also did travel nursing as an ER nurse and I am ready for something a little less stressful that still allows me to keep my skills (becuase I do enjoy working with IV's) I'm hoping this would be a good fit for me. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks!


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Hello, infusion nursing is not my primary role but I may be able to offer some insight. I too am a former ER nurse (still work prn) and I now work full-time in research. However, I see 3 clients regularly for home infusion therapy through a homecare company.

To answer your questions:

1. My experience starting lines and handling infusions in emerg made the transition to infusion nursing pretty much effortless

2. I make about $1 less per hour than I make in emerg, mileage, paid travel, small shift dif, no benefits (but I only work 4-8 hours/wk)

3. My clients are super stable. They get an enzyme infusion every 1-2 weeks, that they've been getting for years.

4. A typical visit for me involves visiting the client at their home with my documentation binder and nursing bag. The supplies are shipped to their homes by the homecare company. I show up and start the line, assess the pt, document what needs documenting, run the drug, d/c the IV and go home (or to my real job). I typically do about 30 mins of charting and faxing once I get home.

5. Stress is basically nonexistent, I genuinely like all my clients and we get on well. There is a bit of stress when dealing with my home care company and the bureaucracy within, but that's not really related to the infusion nursing aspect

Hopefully that gives you some idea and a nurse who actually specializes in infusions will chime in!

Thank you for your response, appreciate it!...That gives me some insight into this specialty...I think I will apply to some infusion jobs and see what happens...