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Career change from business to nursing...need advice


Hi there,

I am now officially convinced that nursing is a passion of mine. I have been thinking about it for about 10 years now and it is the one thing that seems to linger with me. The thought of being a nurse makes me feel so happy and fulfilled that it has to mean something. Currently, I have a Bachelors degree and I work full time as an HR rep. It is a good job but it is not something I see myself doing for a long time and being happy. Frankly, "corporate america" really is NOT a passion of mine at all. I found a school that will allow me to enroll as a full time student in a 3 year BSN program. My first year would be pre-reqs and the next two would be core classes. This is the tricky part; how do I quit my job, lose my health care for my daughter and myself, lose my income and turn into a full time student again? I need my income which is another thing deterring me from doing it. An alternative would be to take one pre-req at a time at the community college nearby. At that rate, I'll be done in 5-6 years :eek:. So I guess my question is, has anyone been through this? How did you do it? Any advice at all would really help out. My fiance has been VERY supportive and said he will do whatever he can to be there for me :redbeathe. I just need to decide. Thanks......


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I think the options are pretty simple:

1. Dip into savings.

2. Work while going to school.

3. Financial Aid.

It depends on how you weight your priorities. Number 1 is ideal assuming you've lived within your means during your current career. Number 2 IS possible, I work with a nurse that just graduated with a 3.5 while working full-time and raising a family. Number 3 is not ideal but if you feel working is impossible or don't want to chance it then it may be your best option.

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First, I want to say welcome!

It depends on if you can handle working full time and going to school full time. I know, I couldn't and will be doing my accelerated BSN program full time without working. I will be getting the school's insurance. Insurance is required anyways, due to clincals. I have some savings so I can pay bills, etc.

That's really tough. I'm right there with ya sister! My advice is to sit & look realistically at what you can do. If financially you can swing it with no health insurance/care for yourself & child for the 3 years than go for it. Otherwise the CC alternative may not be that bad of an option. At least you can continue to work while taking your pre-req's to save and get your ducks in a row before completion.

Since you already have a bachelor's, you'll likely only need a few pre-reqs for admit (sciences maybe?) you can be done in a year anyway. Then you can transition into the BSN as you planned. (Just my thoughts, I cannot imagine having no finances or depending on financial aid solely)

thanks everyone. yes i have a few classes that will transfer. i just need to complete my sciences. @mzchas ...thanks for the welcome! i am really finding this site helpful. since the program starts in february, i will need to make a decision soon.

thanks again.