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Hi there! Thanks for letting me join this forum.

I am not a nurse.

However, I am considering applying to nursing school. I would probably just want to be an LVN- money is not important.

I am currently a SAHM (okay technically I work from home doing data entry work)..... I

do have four years of experience as a head start teacher. I also worked for two years at a mental health agency. I have a degree in social work, but I was LAZY and never got around to getting my license. I have other part-time social work related experience as well.


Here are my questions:

1. Is it possible to go to nursing school with the intent of only becoming a school nurse? Or do most school nurses have other Nursing Jobs before they become a school nurse?

2. Are there any LVN type nursing jobs where you do not have to do IV's, draw blood, and insert catheters? I don't mind doing CNA type work and I could definitely do CPR... just not sure about the rest......... Basically are there any LVN jobs where you just give medicine, do paperwork and comfort/nurture people........ but you never have to do IV"s, ports, catheters, whatever?? Is that even possible? (YES, I do realize I would have to be trained to do that in nursing school, but I'm just not sure if I could do IV's / catheters on a regular basis.)

3. Is it possible to get a job at "dial a nurse" hotline without REAL nursing experience?

THANK YOU in advance for any help! I do realize your time is valuable, and thank you!!!!!


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Just to be honest with you, it does not sound like from your description that you want to be a nurse. As you have noted, you will have to do all of this in nursing school and in your clinical rotations.

The school nurse question will be somewhat state dependent. Some states have LPN/LVNs in school nurse positions and others do not allow it. Yes, it will require actual nursing experience. I do not know a single school nurse that did not have nursing experience first.

In many areas LVN/LPNs work in long-term care, where they may be required to deal with IVs, as well as administering all types of medications, inserting catheters, suctioning, all of the things it sounds like you don't want to do. They also tend to work in MD offices where they take vitals, give injections, draw blood, and yes, paperwork and charting will be involved.

Job markets are increasingly competitive for nurses and it is unlikely you would be able to obtain a phone triage position with no nursing experience and maybe not at all as an LVN (again, location dependent).

Have you considered trying to complete your social work license?

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Do you really want to be a nurse? Because from what it sounds like you don't want to. With how competitive the nursing field is, you won't be able to just have your pick of jobs.

As for a school nurse job I think most school nurse jobs want RNs or LVNs with experience. I know a lot of school districts will only hire RNs & you definitely have to have experience. You will have to take a job getting experience doing different procedures you don't like.

In clinicals you will have to do things you won't find appealing. As for the "phone a nurse" those jobs are mostly for RNs with BSNs with experience. I have been looking for at home jobs for LVNs & there is close to nothing out there.

Why don't you finish your social work degree? Nursing doesn't seem the right fit for you.