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Hating my first Nurse Practitioner job.

I graduated as an FNP a few months ago. I had completed an externship with an urgent care and I loved it. Later after becoming licensed I applied with the company and was offered a job at a different building which is about an hour away from me. Now that I have started I have noticed that at the site I'm currently at it is horrible. There are days that we see 70+ patients in a 12 hour shift with only 1 provider. Also another thing I strongly dislike is we get no lunch and usually have to stay late/come in early to get caught up on charting. When I interviewed I was told that there were quarterly bonuses. However, the NPs that trained me said they have never received bonuses because of satisfaction scores or the budget being over. One told me she got a score of an 8 out of 10 once and was denied a bonus for this. Another issue that I have noticed is my boss is not a provider or a nurse. I like her but I feel like she has no idea what my job consists of as a provider and it makes communication hard at times. Last I wasn't told about all the mandatory meetings that seem to constantly pop up on short notice. We have the ability to Skype most of these but still I'm not paid because I'm salaried. Counting all the hours I work some weeks I made almost the same as I made as a nurse and at least as an RN I could get over time. My question is am I being absurd not liking this job? Should I tough it out for a year and then try to find another job or just start looking now? I feel like if I dislike this job this bad a few months in it's not gonna get better, but I would like some advice.

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Is this a Fast Pace Urgent Care? I was considering taking a job with them. Personally, I would tough it out. The first year is always stressful. If it is absolutely unbearable, you can seek employment elsewhere. But if you signed a contract they could sue you if you leave before the contract term ends. 

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