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I graduated with my ADN December 2012, and just started my first job at a SNF. While I'm excited to be working as a nurse since it has been over a year since graduation. I may have another opportunity at the hospital that I have been working for over 8 years as a tech. They have been so wishy washy about the whole new grad program and I'm tired of putting my career on hold. My dilemma is, should I go on-call at my tech job and just focus on my RN SNF job???

Specializes in Med-Surg, Infusion. Has 10 years experience.

If you get a firm offer for the new grad program I would definitely consider it, because the training and experience will likely be better that SNF. I would not drop to prn though until the offer is a sure thing, since you say they have been wishy washy. So your current position and job is protected. It took you a long time to get that job, so guard it. Good luck :)