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My daughter would like to pursue a career as a surgical nurse. I have contacted Baylor University School of Nursing (Waco, TX). The department head recommended that my daughter pursue a BSN, then specialize, as she may find herself with limited growth as a surgical nurse.

If anyone has any advice or personal experience, I would appreciate it. This is a dream of hers and I want to make sure that she gets the proper education as well as a career path to grow with.


ERNurse752, RN

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I would also recommend your daughter getting her BSN. More and more jobs are requiring it.

The webiste for surgical nursing is

If she's 18 (or however old you have to be in TX) she can get a job in a hospital as an aid/tech. Always helpful to get experience before starting clinicals in school! :)


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She can be a surgical nurse with an ADN but if she wants to persue advancement such as becoming an RNFA (first assistant) she will need a BSN as the AORN (assoc of operating room nurses) requires that.


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Definatly go with the BSN because that would ensure Job security

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