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Career advice - practice nurse funding for training

by Sara1986 Sara1986 (New) New

Hello, I am a nurse with both aduld and children qualification (PGDIp) who has been working over the past 6 years in children acute setting.
However, I now got into some kind of "career crisis" as I have a 6 months old baby and the idea of going back into the hospital acute setting is not appealing anymore.
I am therefore exploring my options in the primary care setting and I am keen to understand more about the possibility to progress as a practice nurse.
I have been reading a lot on-line and it seems to me to understand that this year there is the opportunity to get into a funding post as a district nurse (with nurse prescribing module).
I could also read that two years ago the same funding programe existed for aspiring practice nurses.
Is anyone aware if this training program still exist for practice nurses and how to enrol into it?I cant find any post in NHS Jobs.
If training is no longer in place, could I opt for the district nurse training, get the prescriber qualification and in few years get into practice nurse?
If not, do you think I can apply for a band 5 pracrice nurse and have good chance to get the training with the practice itself?
Many thanks and I really hope I can get some useful replies or advice 😍