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I am currently completing FCCA and getting all my information together for CPNE. BUT THE WHOLE TIME ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS THE CARE PLANS. I really need some help in this area if anyone would like to help. Thanks


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I recommend buying "Nursing Care Plans: Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes" by Gulanick and Myers. I bought several care planning books in addition to the Mosby's and found that one to be most helpful. It gives more specific outcomes and it breaks the interventions down by assessment, therapeutic, and educational. You can't use assessments for your interventions at the CPNE so this is EXTREMELY helpful.

Just make SURE that you practice with your Mosby's too because that is the only care planning book that you can take with you. I just found the outcomes too general and most of the interventions listed in the Mosby's are assessments which we can't use. The NCP book is a great supplement.

I'm also doing Sheri Taylor's online workshop and she grades 2 care plans/week for you if you submit them to her. This has been pretty helpful. Plus you can find other students and critique each others care plans as well.

Finally, I am pretty sure that there is a care planning workshop through Ec and you can submit 3 PCSs (which include care plans) to the school for evaluation as well.

Good luck!