Tips for a travel nurse?

  1. I am a new grad from Ohio. I will have a years experience in cardiac tele in August. In November I plan to begin travel nursing starting out in Orlando, Fl. Can anyone give me any suggestions for preparation. I would also like any opinions/information on the nursing life in Forida. I am so nervous and yet so exicted! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   carlb
    After traveling a while I have a short list of what I look for in an agency.

    1 Ask how long your recruiter has been with the company. Is he/she an RN or were they saying "would you like to supersize" last week.

    2. Most agencies offer "deluxe" free housing. Get an actual address of an apartment complex they have used in the past and then check out the crime rate via the internet in that part of town. Try to visit the complex before signing on if at all possible.

    3. Make sure that the agency has a 24/7 telephone that is actually answered by a real person.

    Traveling was great for me. Highly recommend it, I made so many friends and learned alot. Try to talk to travelers working in your current facility. They are a great resource; away from home; and usually excited to talk about thier adventures.

    Good Luck
  4. by   JudyG
    I just finished an assignment about 45 min south of Orlando. There are a some good hospitals there. I met a few nurses who had worked there, they say for the most part hospital staff are traveler friendly. Orlando will be a pretty exciting place to be on assignment, lots of places to see with all the theme parks. Be sure to check out some of the little attractions along Internation BLVD too....