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I was hoping some of you cardiac folks could help me. I am in Physiology and we just finished a unit on the cardiovascular system. I came up with a question my instructor couldnt answer :uhoh3: Our... Read More

  1. by   bemory
    My patient also had PEA- we were monitoring her heart rate which was normal and then when it slowed, we checked in on her and she had passed. She was very dehydrated and also was spetic.

    The heart has a plumber and an electrician. The plumbing stopped though the electrician had not. The charge did not cause the heart pump and thus PEA. I learned that the reason the heart continues to charge is because our cells are comprised of water and that it carries the charge for a little while though the heart does not pump anymore. This is just something that I was told in school and later in an EKG class. The reasons of a cardiac tamponade, and possible PE are new to me but I wouldn't rule it out. There is a good pocket book called EKG's made easy that explains PEA also.
    I know this sounds like a silly way to explain it but thats the best way I learn complicated stuff. If anyone has a good acronym for something pass it along