Searching for the BKAT

  1. Dear Cardiac Colleagues,

    I am desperatly seeking the source of the BKAT (Basic Competancy Assessment Tool). If you even have a clue, please respond, because I've exhausted all options I know of.
    Thanks, CC
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  3. by   rstewart
    Well the BKAT I am familiar with (there are several) covers basic critical care knowledge. It was written by a nurse named Jean Toth at the Catholic University of America. I took it relatively early in my career and as I recall it wasn't especially difficult. So I wouldn't be too desperate----unless of course your employer or potential employer misuses them to make hire/fire decisions or the like. I would guess your critical care educator will have at least a couple versions on file. Or if not, you can order a copy for about $15-20 bucks (from Catholic University).
  4. by   ccreyts
    Well there it is... I have been searching since June! I've used Google to search variations of the name, both written out and the acronym, and all of the general nurse competency exam key words I could think of with out any success. Not a single lead to follow!! Thanks so much!
    I last saw the version that was written about 12 -15 years ago, and agree with you regarding it's ease. I understand that it has been updated recently, (maybe several times since I took it) and that it is a very good reflection of basic knowledge. It seems to be the "test of choice" for agencies here in SE MI, but I like a higher standard.
    I don't have access to a critical care educator, so I'd appreciate it if any other tools come to mind. I would love to have several choices to select from! Again, I am very grateful for your response. Best Regards, CC