Patient with long pauses on the tele monitor....

  1. Hi all,

    Just thought I'll share an event that happened on a shift last week..

    Im currently on my final clinical placement as a nursing student on a cardiac HDU (Cant believe Im going to be fully qualified soon!!!!), which is at the end of cardiac ward . Last friday a post CABG patient was back on the ward following his heart surgery, almost ready to go home (so all temporary pacing wires were out etc.). Then all of a sudden he began having 10second pauses on the tele monitor,so the nurse looking after him was like , knowing where it was heading if nothing was done ASAP. So luckily as the HDU was attached to the ward the nurse in-charge had to make a very quick direct swap with one of our wardable patient and the guy on the ward that needed the HDU. This was by far the fastest transfer ever lol. So we quickly got him attached to the monitor, crash trolley by his bedside, defib pads on his chest the whollle lot!! He kept having those long pauses so he had to be shocked mulitple times. The cardiologist was called, and for the first time saw a precordial thump being given, which brought him back. The cardiologist had to put temporary wires in right there and then on the unit and attach him to an external pacing box. This was like the first big major event that I have seen on the HDU, it was exciting (obviously not for the patient).

    But the patient is fine now, he had an episode couple days ago where his temporary wires weren't pacing and went asystole, but it was just the wires that were slightly out of place.

    Through all that he remembered every single thing that had happened, who was there, the nurse holding his hand and talking to him through it all. But it was quite overwhelming and scary for him especially when the wires stopped pacing at one point and the pain from the thump, especially being at the site of his surgery!!
    So now he's had his permanent pacemaker put in on tuesday and is doing well.

    Good thing he was still being monitored whilst on the ward, because only God knows what would happened.

    I know its not really a question or advice, just thought I would share this experience with you all.
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