Not getting paid enuff for this...

  1. Hi. Ok, what the he**! I am looking for honest opinions pleeze. I work on a crazy-busy tele unit--the busiest unit I've ever worked on (including ER). After getting report on a MICU transfer at 1500pm, who was supposed to come in 20 min after his 1st unit of PRC's was done-- I did not get him until 1800 (!!!). And--he had not gotten his 2nd unit yet..So, needless to say, I had 5 pts total, saw him right away, he was stable. Tubed down for 2nd unit PRC's. Gave report at 1900 to a fairly new RN (new grad). Saw she was overwhelmed, she was getting most of my team, which was heavy. The blood came up at 1915. Trying to be nice, I offered to start it for her (even tho I had given her report already). I had been in to see the pt 3 times already before, settled him in, etc., then, at 1930, started his blood, took 1st set vitals, paged the tech to come in and take over., went to start an IV on someone else, finish charting etc... so I could go home before 2100 ( I work 7a-7p 3-12's). While charting, this new grad comes up to me to inform me this pt getting blood is so p***ed off at me and her he is writing us up. From the beginning, he was not happy that I was going home at 1900, and felt he was "being rushed..." Whatever. I am very thorough and did what I could for him (and THEN some), but he needed to accept the fact that he was getting a new nurse after I started his blood, and realize I did not have time to hold a personal conversation with him.. He kept bragging about what a VIP he was, etc... he was a jerk, and trying to manipulate me, esp. knowing I was trying to go home.
    Never mind the fact that ICU should have started that 2nd unit HOURS ago ...she had no real explanation either.
    I guess my issue is with this new grad who seemed to blame me for this jerk's attitude. She did not seem to appreciate the fact that I was helping her out and that ticked me off.
    I like to help out when I can, and have never had a complaint from a pt in the 7 yrs I've been an RN, until now. This guy gave me the creeps, and his room-mate was not happy to hear his BS either
    I was wondering if anyone had an opinion re: this?? Altho I love nursing and think RN's are great people, I'm thinking I don't get paid enuff for this aggravation, and probably going to leave tele in a few months...any suggestions?

    thanks for any thoughts
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  3. by   VickyRN
    Don't let this ONE incident turn you off to the unit. Wait until you hear feedback from your nurse manager.
  4. by   vamedic4
    I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience...adults can be such PITAs sometimes, but it is evident from your post that you did everything you could for both him and the nurse to whom you gave report.
    Good luck telling your nurse manager, they're kinda...well...aloof, in my experience. Perhaps you have one who'll listen.
    The above example illustrates exactly why I work in don't brag about who they are...they're just patients. We treat all their parents the same too, whether they're unable to pay or they donated the ICU to us.
    Don't let the actions of one moron ruin the good care that you give your adult patients!! You are an asset to your organization-they may not tell you that, but it is absolutely true.
    I hope you have a better day today!!!

    All the best

    Gettin' the kids up
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  5. by   noelle4
    Thanks for the support. I needed to vent most of all, and the forum is great for that...
    Maybe I should be, but I'm not worried about what my manager might say. I know this may never even go anywhere, but if so, I am covered.
    I definetely see your point, peds RN. And I take my hat off to you---I think peds and burn nurses are a special breed I know my limits and could never handle seeing little ones suffer and not take that home with me every day--too sad, too many emotions for me.
    This is just one issue on this tele unit. I'm tired of doing my job plus PCT work too, and having to play MD b/c they won't come see their pt's half the time. I never planned to stay there forever anyway. I plan to get back to the ER and/or get my NP in acute care (or something like that).
    Anyway. Take care & have a great day.