How long to lay flat

  1. Cath nurses, I work in PACU where we hold post cath pts(no PTCA's) until they are able to be DC'd down to outpatient area. We currently recieve orders that are always different in regards to when pt can have HOB elevated and ambulate. What is "recommended" for those who had a Perclose VS Angioseal VS "Clos-ur" pad VS Manual pressure only? Thanks. We are holding pretty much EVERY patient 4 hours minimum regardless of closure device employed due to erratic M.D orders.
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  3. by   kyti
    Shar, our cath lab nurses send all of there pts to us (pacu) to have their sheaths pulled. If they used an angioseal in the cath lab, they are flat 2hrs. We don't use perclose. If we use compessor clamp, chito-seal or manual pressure is our choice and it verys d/t pts meds,labs, back pain ect, but they all are flat to 4hrs with HOB no higher than 30degress.They stay in the pacu about one hour then go back to nursing unit or to outpatient surgery unit to be discharged.
  4. by   sharann
    Thanks Kyti.
    Does your outpt unit take them in gurneys? Ours say they "don't" take gurneys(they used to), they only want pts in recliner chairs, which is an issue with cath pts of course. Oh well.
  5. by   kyti
    Our out pt area will usually accept 2 pts on carts at one time in a special section of ops area. If they don't have room we will put them in a room on a med/surg or tele area for discharge later in the day. Occ. I will keep them in the pacu and discharge them to home if we are not busy and have the space.
  6. by   sharann
    Sounds workable. They DO take gurneys from the radiology and sp. procedure departments... :chuckle