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Does anyone know why my heart skips beats, sometimes a couple at a time. It takes my breath away. Should I be concerned? Steph:balloons:... Read More

  1. by   haynesg
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    i agree w/ Dinith...PVC's are very common...i started w/ them when i was 22 (and started working nites....) it was lack of sleep, indulgence of caffeine and stress...when i remedied those...the irregularities went away...

    usually hit just as i lay down to sleep...figures...
    I have had a similar problem. It has always been when my body is either physically or mentally stressed in some way. Rest and a regular routine, Hee Hee, has always remedied the missed beats.
    I sure know what you mean about your "heart jumping out of your chest" at night. We are just more atuned to what our bodies are up to then others.
    Good Luck,