Heart Reverb??

  1. Does Anyone Know What Heart Reverb Is? My Sister Just Called Me And Said Her Dr. Thinks She Could Have That B/c Of Her Ekg Results And That She Has To Have More Test. I Haven't Been Able To Find Any Info Online About It Though. Maybe I'm Not Spelling It Correctly....thanks In Advance
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  3. by   papawjohn
    Hey Charmin

    Could it be that your sister has "re-entry"? I have never heard of "reverb". But 're-entry' describes a kind of pathological 'loop' in the heart's conduction pathways that results in very rapid heartbeats. Or maybe she has 'regurg'--which is a totally different problem of a valve not closing completely and letting blood flow backwards into the (ususally) L Ventricle. Try to tell us more about what your sis's original reason for a cardiology exam if possible and/or try to find out more from her about her report. Maybe we could be more helpful.

    Good Luck to you and her
    Papaw John
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