Doing my Preceptorship on a CTU Med Surg floor- need advice!

  1. I'm an LVN who graduates from my BSN-RN program in a couple months. I just got word on my final transitional preceptorship and it's going to be graveyard shifts on a CTU med surg floor, which I am assuming is like a tele floor? The hospital is a Level 1 trauma center, btw. I plan on brushing up on my ECGs and cardiac meds for sure, but was wondering if I could get a list of basic cardiac patient procedures I should look up? I will look up stents, post MI patients, CHF patients who are poorly managed, etc...but any more suggestions? I want to be familiar with common post op patients and post procedure patients I will see but a more narrow list would be appreciated. Thank you!!
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  3. by   UC Bearcat Murse
    I work in a level 1 CVICU so I will tell you some of the pts that we typically send to the floors when they're stable. HF, MI, post CABG, post valve replacements for the most part. At my hospital we also get thoracic surgery and vascular surgery pts, so AAA's, partial lung removals. But for sure look up cardiac medications and know what would be safe to give to each specific pt population. Especially working in a level 1 where you have residents and interns who are still learning and can often put in wrong or unsafe orders.
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    WONDERFUL ADVICE-thankyou!!
  5. by   UC Bearcat Murse
    You're very welcome! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  6. by   SoCal Nurse
    Review chest tubes too😬
    Im sure you'll get an orientation and training, so don't stress out too much now, just get a bit familiar and the blanks will get filled in real fast...

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