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i am lately seeing so many threads related to the cath lab , which got me wondering that how many nurses out there work in the cathlab. the purpose of starting this thread is to introduce ourselves... Read More

  1. by   sarahbellum
    I just switched from a neuro unit to the CCL. I am now learning how to circulate. I am totally overwhelmed right now but I love it!
  2. by   Belle7824

    I'm new to this site but can already tell I'm gonna like it here!

    I start orientation tomorrow in a cath lab. I'm very excited as well as very nervous. I have been an LPN for 13 yrs. Started my nursing career on a surgical floor then went to LTC. I have loved/hated aspects of both but felt I was ready for a change. I almost feel like I did my first day of real-world nursing. LOL (you know, that first day of your first job after nursing school when you feel like you didn't learn anything in school )