Cardiac Stress test Protocols-any help appreciated

  1. I am currently in "charge" of any invasive cardiac procedures at my hospital including cath lab and stress lab. One of my cardiologists wants to change his adenosine cardiolyte stress test from a 6 min procedure to 4 minute. Does anyone else do a 4 minute? IF so, could I please get a copy of your orders/protocol. I have researched this and am unable to find a 4 minute one.
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  3. by   CRIMSON
    I work in a cardiac specialty office and do stress tests all day. Between 15 cardiologist all ADENOSINES are 6 minutes, no exceptions. Is he planning on altering the dose? This test is also contrindicated for anyone with emphysema, asthma, or copd. Is he trying to squeeze these in? Instead of just opting for Dobutamine?

    Had a doc just last Friday demand an Adenosine in pt with copd/emphysema and guess what.....respiratory distress....guy stopped moving air. Had to call DOD and push iv drugs to open airway. Point is, always some A*(&(& doc tryin to skirt protocols in place to protect patient. Not like they do the tests anyways.
  4. by   sscathlab
    We dont do adenosines on COPD. He wants to give a smaller dose 0.56 mg/kg and do it over 4 minutes. I was just wanting to talk to someone that does it as a 4 minute protocol.
  5. by   Av03
    I know this chain is old, but for those who are searching for answers now and in the future here are some of my experience. It doesn't matter if the protocol is 6 mins vs. 4 mins, because the dose of adenosine is going to be the same for each minute. 4 minutes is better because the patient will be experiencing discomfort over 4 minutes, rather than 6 minutes.