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Hi ladies! I'm a new FNP student and I am taking a research class (ugh) to prep me for the capstone part of the program. I currently work as a RN in a L&D unit and this topic has nothing to do with that! Eventually when I graduate I would like to work on a college campus in the health center or in a Family Practice office. My topic that I would like to look into is Teen/College women and why they love to tan/be tan. I think it is an important topic and I feel like it is not taken seriously anymore. Especially with the shows on television, reality shows etc - using tanning as part of their daily life. Do you think that it is a good topic? I just don't know how to 'word' my title. I'd like to see if there is a correlation between tanning and incidence of cancer later in life, but I'd also like to see if adolescents/college students even know the effects of tanning and if they even care that it may cause skin cancer. What do you all think of this idea? Do you have any suggestions on a title of my project or research question? Thanks!!

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I would steal it towards tanning beds and education.

Tanning beds: a call for education


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Just a suggestion:

Tanning: Is your skin worth the risk???

I think what would be good also is investigating how self-esteem in todays youth to live up to society means has an affect on self imaging. Keep us update, great idea : )