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Capella University for undergrad?

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Hello all,

I'm currently conflicted. I have my ASN and am looking to continue on for my PMHNP. I currently work full time. To get my BSN at a local university I'll have to completely change up my schedule and take a few prerequisites. I've noticed schools like Capella, Purdue Global, and Purdue NW are all online and I can do with practically any schedule. I'm leaning towards Capella as it can be completed the fastest. Has anyone out there achieved their BSN from Capella or a similar online, for-profit school and transfered into a NP program without difficulty?

Also, I have 3 years of psych experience at several locations-- all inpatient & as an Assessment Specialist. I have reached out to local programs and they said they do consider the rigor of your undergrad as well as many other factors, but didn't give me a very clear answer.


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