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PAY ATTENTION TO THE ORIENTATION. Also call your enrollment counselor & ask for the link for the course room tour. Knowing how to navigate the site will save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Please read the instructions and watch the videos for each assignment. Don't just jump into the assignments. I can always tell who didn't reading the instructions or watched the instructions from the instructors by the questions they ask.

Make sure you print out the rubrics. Address everything in the categories under distinguished and make sure you followed ALL of the instructions!

Try to complete a class every 10 days!

Make a schedule and stick to it!

Procrastination is the enemy of this program and will kill your drive & dreams!

Understand the competency map for yourself! Don't ask people in the group because most don't understand it and they give misinformation.

Utilize the chat bot Ella or the search option in course room for questions.

Search the group about an instructor before you sign up with them.

Always address the instructors by Dr. & spell their names correctly.One student called the doctor by their first name & didn't see why this was a problem.

Pick five days to do your assignments and everyday do something Capella.

This is a self paced program but after 12 days the system will drop you if you had no engagement.

( know what engagement is)

When you get to 4900 (capstone) search BSN capstone in the search option in course room. There was a a hand book and power point presentation explaining that's course.

Also, watch the videos from the instructors and read the instructions.

People mainly struggle because they don't read the assignments carefully.


I just want to clarify some information that many people get confused:

Please stop sharing misleading and misinformation.

People are spending unnecessary time redoing assessments that they don't have to. Thus holding up classes that others can get into.

MSN programs look at your OVERALL GPA!

Not an assessment or one part of your assessment.

Capella' s MSN requires a 2.8

Other programs vary

The key is your COMPETENCY MAP!

So yes, you can have "many basics in BSN (not all basics) and still get into an MSN program. As long as your OVERALL GPA is 2.8 and higher.

In the MSN program your competency map must be green!

You can still have a basic in a part of your grade as long as your map is green.

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