Can't get a job at my own hospital?

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Just over a year ago, I left two solid jobs to spread my wings to full-time ICU, a dream of mine since graduating nursing school 14 years ago. For many reasons, there hasn't been overtime in this role, and I also miss wound care. I worked for this hospital system at a sister campus part-time in wound care for five years (one of the roles I was forced to leave behind, as you can't hold a full-time and part-time role simultaneously). The PRN wound care role they just opened up requires WOCN certification, and I found out I can't sit for testing because I didn't have 375 clinical wound care hours during the past year. I'd have to take a $4k course. Although the wound care team has been actively courting my skillset when they come to the ICU to care for our patients, I can't even get past our Talent Acquisition Team to interview with their direct supervisor. I'm frustrated I can't get a role that I could walk in and do tomorrow, simply because I now don't have a certification? I'm doubly frustrated that we require this certification as one of the lowest-paying and leanest-resourced hospitals in the area. I've observed it seems this campus is being choked off on the vine from the corporate level, and once I get two years in ICU, it will be best for me to look for opportunities elsewhere. Has anyone else had similar experience(s)?

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