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Can't decide on Emory

I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am almost finished with my prereqs and I am having trouble deciding on where to attend nursing school. I have really been into emory lately. It almost seems too easy to get in??? Does anyone know what GPA you need to have or anything that can set you out. Is it easy to get merit based financial aid? I am really up in the air about applying but I heard its next to impossible to get into the school I am at now (GPC). Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

Apply everywhere - you never know.....this year- I got into GPC and not Emory - I was accepted into Emory a few years back - but declined because I had a newborn baby! So the pool of applications is always changing.

Apply everywhere -

GPC, Ga State, GCSU, Emory, N GA, there are a lot of programs in the area.

Contact the schools now - all the nursing seminars about their programs should be starting up - that will give you an introduction into each program.

And most of the deadlines for additional testing is coming soom


Thanks bouncer 13. Congrats on getting into GPC!!! Good luck to you too!

I am in my first semester at Ga State in their ACE program and I love it! I agree...apply anywhere and everywhere. I didn't end up doing that because Ga State was pretty much my only choice because of money if nothing else. I would suggest getting some volunteer experience in the medical field. I'm convinced that helped me get into Ga State's program. If you have any questions about Ga State (classes I'm in, what it's like, etc.) send me a private message so we can exchange e-mail info. I'd be more than happy to share anything I can with you :-)


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