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Cancer and depression?

by klinn08 klinn08 (New) New

I'm writing a research article and I need to research a nursing intervention for a specific population. It can't be anything that is already proven. I was wondering if anyone has worked on an oncology unit and has seen patterns of things that help those with depression. Maybe something like distraction or music therapy? Or does anyone have another idea on a good research topic? Thank you!!!

Bedside_Life RN

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Which risks come to mind? Consider Respite care...?

CarryThatWeight, BSN

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I don't know that anything has been "proven" to help depression, except maybe antidepressants. When people have cancer, depression is expected; its situational. I'm really not sure exactly what you're looking for here...

Thanks for your input! I have decided to go along the lines of smoking cessation in COPD patients. The assignment has to be something that hasn't been proven to the point that it's regular practice (EX: turning a pt q 2 hours to prevent bed sores or anti-depressants for depression in cancer patients) but something a little out of the box like music therapy to improve mood in cancer patients. I was hoping someone had seen something like that that has worked. But I'm going to go along the lines of smoking cessation like I said. Thank you!