Canadian RPN exam result 2011


Finally, after many weeks of waiting, I got my RPN exam result today.

OMG ! It is a PASS !! I passed !

Can't help screaming, I spent so much time and effort, finally I passed my RPN exam!

I just want to share my happiness with all of you.

For those of you who did not pass the RPN exam, DON'T give up!! Never give up!!!!

I failed once before in 2010. It was terrible, I cried for 2 days, and then I went back to study.

All of my hard work paid off. Best wishes to all of you and all the nurses.

Ps. I would like to thank Dr. *, he is a nursing instructor at Toronto School of Health. He helped me a lot with the exam prepation and exam tips.


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hi!Congrats!:yeah:ill be taking the exam this may.can u give me some tips on the exam.thanks!God bless!:)


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me too 'please give me some tips and advice'thanks


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Congratulate. I'm IEN from Manitoba I applied for RPN (registered practical nurse) in Ontario college.

Give me some helpful tips. My email( Thanks


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hi.. please give us some tips for the exam... im taking my RPN exam on May 2011.. thanks!


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As a recent LPN graduate here are my tips

1. Use the CPNRE Exam guide to help you with the test question format.

2. Use common sense. If you use common sense and understand the nursing principles behind the questions you will get them right .. I only reviewed an hour the night before the test and I passed.

3. when you write the exam it helps if you cross out two answers that are given that seem really wrong to help you narrow down your choices.

4. DONT PANIC you have 6 hours to write both parts 3.5 hours each part and it can be done in half the time with time to review each question.

5. If you are not sure about one question move on to the next. you can mark your answer in the book and write the answer on the bubble sheet later when you have had time to review your answers.

When I took the test I was worried that I didnt study enough because it seemed that what I studied wasn't on it.... but remember if you have some common sense you can answer correctly those questions you do not know.


I just want to share my happiness with all of you.

For those of you who did not pass the RPN exam, DON'T give up!! Never give up!!!!

All of my hard work paid off. Best wishes to all of you.:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:



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Hi! I took the RPN examination 2 times already and all failed. I want to try again this coming january but this time I want to enroll in any review center here in Toronto. Could anybody suggests any review center or any review materials you can suggests that will help me a lot in the preparation for the next examinationl? I already have the Prep guide. I really have to work harder this time because this is my last chance. Thank you and God bless us all.

Jen Ring

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Hey theres a few courses you could take. I've been researching this a lot, cause I failed once already and really need to take one.

1. - you could take this. They do it at my university, but its a weekend course only, so you may need something more intensive.

2. - they offer questions online, unlimited. Its pretty cheap too

3. - they do sessions at my university too and I've heard lots of good things about them too. A bunch of girls from my clinical group took this and they all passed.

4. - they offer a prep guide. My friend took it and said it was okay. The problem with them is they have been charged a couple of time for operating illegal programs. There is a few posts on here about it, so do a search. I got this from one of the other forums, I think a few people were scammed there or something, so probably best to stay away. Anyways good luck


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hi! it's ok. I'll check all this website. If they have RN review classes most probably they'll have RPN review classess as well. Thanks.