Canadian Nurse in US: What school is best for BSN?


Like many hospitals around the US, mine is looking to increase it's percentage of BSN educated nurses to 80%.

As a CN 3 (charge nurse ) I have to be in a BSN program by a certain date, if i desire to keep my postion.

My dilemma is this: I am a Canadian educated RN with a 3 year Technical Diploma.I need to know what school is the most Canadian nurse friendly. I need to apply to the school that will transfer the most credits from my Diploma. I dont want to be endlessly doing prerequisites like "compostion" and "govenment" when i just really need management and statistics.

I've looked online, and I am very surprised at the lack of information out there.

Im curious if any other Canandian Nurses have any information or expericences to tell me, or anyone in general that has the 411 on the school that would be best suited to my needs.