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Canadian NPs in the USA...

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Alright folks - question!

Currently working in the USA as an RN (originally from Canada) - possibly going back to school in Canada next year for NP (Adult stream). But will most likely stay in USA to work while I am doing the program distance ed.

What is the process once I am done the program to work in the USA? I can't find any solid information on how the process actually works. I was told by ANCC that Canadian educated NPs weren't allowed to write their exams, and the AANP's eligibility guide states that you can apply for certification with them if you attend an accredited program in the USA or Canada - but who accredits Canadian programs so that they are accepted in the USA?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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I work with NP's who are Canadian nationals both here in California and previously in Michigan. Unfortunately, all the ones I know went to a program in the US.

Don't know how easy it is to switch between two countries. A Canadian classmate of mine in the NP program I attended wasn't able to get a job in Canada (due to the ACNP being not equivalent?) and many staff RN's I worked with who were attending Canadian NP programs went back to practice in Canada as NP's.


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but who accredits Canadian programs so that they are accepted in the USA?

How about asking the Canadian NP program director that question? Any history of previous students that have completed that program and are practicing in the US?

And one more question.

Why not just do a US NP program?


Specializes in CVICU, ICU, Cardiac/Telemetry.

I'm a Canadian citizen and tuition in Canada is significantly cheaper than in the USA. It's more affordable.


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