Canadian Grad, Endorsement, and Deficiencies


Hi folks, hope this is not too redundant, but I wanted to make a thread specifically for Canadian grads who are current RNs applying for endorsement to the California BRN from 2022 onwards. 

I've found that applications during 2019-2021 were in a very grey area with deficiencies being waved because of the urgent need during the height of the pandemic. I sense that after this surplus of nurses, the CA board is returning back to their strict guidelines on evaluating endorsements. Specifically, the stories I've heard/read about regarding deficiencies seems so mysterious as I can't find a hard answer on how many hours of commonly deficient subjects (ob/peds/mat) they need.

So if you're a Canadian grad and RN who has applied to the CA BRN for endorsement from 2022 onwards, I'm interested to know:

1. When did you apply for endorsement, and which school did you graduate from (if you're comfortable sharing)?

2. How long did it take for you to get your initial evaluation? I know their website says 10-12wks, but I'm wondering if this is accurate or if it took much longer for you.

3. Were you successful or were you deficient in any subjects?

4. What were some frustrations you experienced during this whole process, and what did you do to overcome them?