Canadian BSN student transfer to US


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had done this or has any advice.

My fiance (we are getting married in May) has been living in Chicago for over 2 years now working as a consultant (he is also Canadian).

We absolutely love Chicago and had plans to move back once I finish my degree. However - his career is taking off like a rocket ship at the moment, really picking up steam and we have discussed the possibility of him staying longer etc. BUT another option I am trying to look into is transferring to a BSN program in Chicago.

I am a second-year student here in Ottawa at the University of Ottawa, I have a low 80 average for all my courses combined. I would like to transfer to the third year if possible and finish my last two there, or I guess I would be open to going into the second year and seeing which credits transfer.

Has anyone done this? I have emailed many schools but I get just a generic email back saying to look at admission requirements.

I am afraid I might have to apply to the programs and then once accepted show all my courses and transfer and see what year I end up in.

Thank you!